We reviewed Great famous quotations from a radical skeptic from Ancient Greece.

Gorgias (485-380 B. C.) was a well-known sophist philosopher from Ancient Greece.  He was a pupil of another prominent thinker, Empedocles, from whom he gathered much knowledge and developed his theories.

Gorgias lived for more than 105 years and wandered the cities as a master of young aristocrats. Plato himself wrote a work on the thought of Leontine Gorgias, entitled Gorgias, in which he defined the oratory art of Gorgias as weak and submissive to the counterarguments of Socrates.

Famous Phrases Of Leontine Gorgias

His fundamental position in philosophy is that of “nothing exists”, that is, he concluded to a series of logical reasoning that led him to radical skepticism about his own existence.

His work includes several treatises on rhetoric and manuals of philosophy that were widely acclaimed in his time. In today’s article, we are going to pay tribute to this Greek philosopher by recalling the best Gorgias quotes.


  1. The power of the word in relation to the affairs of the soul is in the same relationship of the power of medicines in relation to the affairs of the body.

The parallelism that underlines the merits of oral reflection in order to calm the doubts of our mind.

  1. Victories over enemies deserve hymns, those of brothers and friends funereal chants.

We should not compete against those who appreciate us.

  1. Being is dark without appearance; appearance is inconsistent without being.

Reflection of Gorgias of essentialist cut.

  1. My life is a garland to which we will adjust the last rose [death].

A sad phrase about each individual’s Last Sigh.

  1. The seriousness of an opponent must be disarmed with laughter and laughter with seriousness.

Offering the reverse of enemy behavior is the solution.

  1. Not beauty, but a woman’s good reputation must be known to many.

What is admirable about a woman is not her genetics, but her decisions and ethical value.

  1. The thought is that thing that with a small body knows how to accomplish divine things.

Cognition, arising from a brain of just a few kilos, is capable of lifting buildings and cathedrals.

  1. And if the persuasive speech deceived your soul, it is therefore not difficult to defend it and absolve it of its responsibility, thus: the discourse is a great power, which through the smallest and most secret body performs the most divine works; for it can stop fear and mitigate pain and produce joy and make Mercy abound.

A great reflection that synthesizes both the background of his philosophical beliefs and the cunning and skill of his writing.

  1. It is nothing; if anything were, it could not be understood; and if it could be understood, it could not be communicated to others.

In this judgment, Gorgias sums up his position on the non-existence of the matter.

  1. The man who is wrong shows more justice than he who is not.

Erring can be a way of being human.

  1. The men who neglect the philosophy to be occupied by matters that are banal, are like the Suitors (in The Odyssey), who wished to Penelope but slept with their maids.

According to this phrase of Gorgias, the right man is the one who has respect for his aspirations.

  1. I answer you, Socrates, that the art of rhetoric is the ability to persuade in the courts of justice and in other assemblies, and about the just and the unjust.

Argumentation with a luxury guest: the philosopher Socrates.


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