The awareness of the moment is a philosophy of life that brings you closer to that space of personal fulfillment and happiness. What are 77 reasons why you should live in the present?

  1. Love
  2. Make love
  3. Feeling loved, every day … Essential.
  4. Discover the goodness of the people. I think all people have it, even the ones that seem the worst.
  5. My family. My mother, my father, my brother, my sister. They need me.I love. They love me. I need them.
  6. Work as a pediatrician, the most beautiful job in the world. Something that makes us come happy every morning.
  7. Try to be the best doctor you can become, both scientifically and humanly.
  8. Teach … Enjoy teaching as I saw those who taught me to enjoy.
  9. Listen to music thousands of times during life. Feel how one floats. Notice how the heart opens as soon as your ears hear the first notes of that piano piece.
  10. Inspire me with that music and with its lyrics. Like those beautiful Serrat lines: ” Today can be a great day, consider it like that. To take advantage of it or to pass it by depends in part on you … If routine crushes you tell him that enough mediocrity is enough. A unique issue, do not let it escape. That everything around you has been put for you. Do not look at it from the window and sit down to the feast. Fight for what you want and do not despair if something is not right. Today could be a great day and tomorrow also.
  11. And one day … meet ” her ” at a concert without waiting for him.
  12. Cry when needed, whatever it takes. The necessary thing to feel what you have to feel … to then be able to smile again.
  13. Feel alive. We do not feel that our lives are asleep.
  14. Educate by example, your children, other children. That forces us to strive to be better people. Only then will we educate well with the example. Children imitate what they see.
  15. See the magic and innocence in the eyes of children. That inquisitive look of wanting to cover everything, of wanting to learn without stopping, of immense joy and illusion in everything they do.
  16. Think that life does not end … until it ends … and that there is so much to do, to enjoy until that day arrives …
  17. Read … Enjoy reading a good book … or two … or two hundred … or two thousand.
  18. Walk barefoot along an eternal beach, with no one, perhaps in the Delta del Ebro … Lie down and listen to the birds, the waves, the sea breeze … Close your book and eyes and imagine what you want .
  19. Do not cry because you do not see the sun. You also have to sleep at night in a field under a sky full of stars … and perhaps see a shooting star … and wish your dream was fulfilled.
  20. Wake up in the morning with a very soft kiss on the neck … or with the smell of fresh coffee. The smell of home …
  21. Wake up to her with soft music that fills the air of the house one Sunday morning, when the sun already invades the rooms. May the children that day sleep late …
  22. Dancing … Loose and with rhythm … or slow, grabbed, stuck to it … or in a waltz at your sister’s wedding … or at your own wedding.
  23. Immerse yourself in the waters of a pool, a river, a lake, an ocean … or your bathtub.
  24. Feel something so intense (a song, a scene from a movie) that you get goosebumps … even when it’s 40ºC outside.
  25. See your brother, with more illusion and sense of humor than anyone. Learn the lesson.
  26. See your mother, every day more beautiful and smiling.
  27. Rate every day all the education you received and all the hours your parents dedicated to you (and what they dedicate). That it has not been in vain.
  28. Think that one day you will be a father (or mother).
  29. Travel … travel … and travel … physically and mentally, in space and also in time … This last trip is also free.
  30. Let love guide your life, not selfishness.
  31. Love you more than anyone in the world. You will need it to love others.
  32. Learn to speak other languages, other forms of communication.
  33. Learn at once to cook … She will like it.
  34. Let the guard look for you and let it not be because there is a child with a fever, but because your residents call you to come down to dinner with you.
  35. See that there are generous, altruistic people and good people.
  36. Learn something every day. Learn from everyone, from everything. To get better.
  37. Learn to know how to lose.
  38. Enjoy the successes and, more importantly, learn them from the failures.
  39. Learn to know how to forgive.
  40. Know that although we are in summer and enjoy these glorious long days … everything changes … and know that it will also snow again.
  41. Go back to see the movie that excites you so much. And bring someone to see you with you.
  42. Give thanks at the end of each day and sleep in peace, sleep alone or accompanied.
  43. Be happy being yourself and not another that others want you to be.
  44. Feel calm with yourself every day that passes. This is only possible by always saying what you feel, what you think, whether or not it is liked by those who listen to you. Sincerity provides inner tranquility, another reason to live at ease every day.
  45. More reasons … Well, listen to the violinists who play Mozart so well at the doors of the English Court. Again the music, that opens the heart …
  46. Remember that goal that you put into the school at the last minute and that saved the team from your class.
  47. Remember the first kiss you gave.
  48. And the first slap that a girl gave you.
  49. Think … When will I give the next kiss? and to whom?
  50. Receive that message from someone special on your mobile. Special for you.
  51. Know that, someday, “she” will choose you.
  52. To think that maybe, you do not even know her yet …
  53. Run through the park with music in your ears or maybe run through the Pyrenees, with the sound of birds, wind or rain …
  54. Sleeping in a tent on a stormy night and noticing the sound of gouts hitting the canvas like a machine gun.
  55. Drive with music to the hospital and take advantage of that time to think, to float, to travel mentally.
  56. Try to do a little bit of art with a camera.
  57. Feel God when you travel the Pyrenees in winter with your skis.
  58. Sailing, with your skis on the white blanket as you were a sailboat on the sea. Or sail with a white sailboat over the blue sea …
  59. To be able to leave the mobile “in silence” and take a nap on the sofa shortly after eating. Peace in your heart … necessary peace … that hour is yours.
  60. Feel the tranquility and happiness of being able to trust blindly in your partner.
  61. Know that she loves you, just by seeing how she looks at you, every day.
  62. Find stimuli to continue writing both “The weather that comes” and these reflections on life. To have on the other side people who are waiting for you and who encourage you every day, with their messages, to continue writing them.
  63. To be able to say thanks to someone who has helped you. To be grateful for the help always gladdens the one who gives it.
  64. Fall in love … Every day.
  65. Remember, in the hardest moments, that God provides …
  66. Know that nothing is impossible, except death. Think about the reversibility of things, however bad they look. Everything can change for the better.
  67. Think that life goes a long way … If you are in good turns, enjoy them and try not to lose that good orbit. If you’re in the bad, know that you have another 999 different laps and that many of those will be good.
  68. Have faith …
  69. Study music, poetry, art, how to interpret a good painting, history, human body, medicine, different cultures, many things … although there will never be time for all …
  70. Look for inspiration in phrases like this one by Henry David Thoreau: “I went to the woods because I wanted to live consciously, I wanted to extract the whole core of life, put aside everything that was not life so as not to realize it at the moment of death, I had not lived “
  71. Marry only for love … And have the courage not to marry if there is no love.
  72. Avoid, as far as possible, mediocrity. Do things well, big or small, but do them well. Put illusion in everything you do, including the smallest things.
  73. Value the small details of each day.
  74. Think that all the good things you do in this life can have an impact on generations to come, even if you never find out about it.
  75. Know that these 100 reasons occur to me, but for many other people, there will be hundreds of other reasons to live that, surely, will be for me too.
  76. Be lucky to be born.
  77. The last one I leave to each one of you.


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