Anger is an emotion and is triggered automatically in certain situations, in general, facing situations that interfere with our objectives. As every emotion has a function, in this case,it prepare the body for the necessary effort to overcome the obstacle that has arisen.

The problem with this emotion can arise in different ways:

  1. Violent behavior can be a means to achieve certain objectives when we are not able to achieve them by other methods. In this case, our behavior responds to a skills deficit and can improve by acquiring them.
  2. Actually, we react to everything that has happened to us previously when we have endured too much and skipped over something unimportant. As our reaction is considered excessive, we will tend to repress and endure more, consequently, our next violent reaction will be greater and we will continue in that vicious circle. To get out of this vicious circle, the road is not to take more, but to be able to react immediately to problems and frustrations. In that case, the reaction is more appropriate and restrained because the reasons that lead us to react will be much less.
  3. Another problem can arise when we interpret that there are an attack and a difficulty that is not seen in the same way by others. This problem usually occurs when we react to the intentions of others instead of reacting to the explicit facts. The judgment of intentions is the most frequent cause that can lead us to have excessive and disproportionate violent reactions.

Analysis of anger:

  • See that your anger can be fair or unfair, unnecessary or adaptive.
  • Learn that it is always valid.
  • Know if it’s fair or not
  • Make it adaptive.
  • Emotional management of the loss of control.

Enroll and participate in the classes for anger management. The course is of about twelve classes. The classes are very easy to understand. A psychoeducational method is used to help him regain control of his life.

You will learn to:

  • Develop a great sense of self-awareness.
  • Improve your ability to communicate your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and beliefs assertively to other people.
  • Develop appropriate ways and alternative routes to face events and actions that unleash your courage.

By participating in the classes, you will be assured that you are being guided by a professional. At the end of the sessions, you will be given a certificate of completion proving the satisfactory term of the course.

Classes for anger management are made up of about twelve classes. These classes are ideal to satisfy a court order, personal improvement or employment reasons.


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