Feeling Lonely doesn’t necessarily have to be something unpleasant. In fact, many people who are alone and like to be alone; they are with themselves and enjoy their solitude.

What can be very unpleasant is feeling lonely, which is not the same as being alone. And in this situation many other people who, by different circumstances, have to be alone and do not get along too well. The desire to be in company and not be able to do so makes them sad and depressed; there are even those who cannot bear it.

We go through different stages in our life, so that, in some of them, we can touch being alone; a season that could be more or less long.

As we said, some people don’t handle this circumstance at all, and they have a really bad time. While it is true that it is not possible to make shorter that season, there are some things that can make it more pleasant and bearable. Especially for those people who do not like to be alone.

In reality, feeling alone or not depends to a large extent on how this “being alone” is interpreted. It depends on the attitude you have to that loneliness, and the thoughts you have about it. Although this is case in any situation: the meetings are neutral; it is we who interpret them so that they produce related problems more or less.

For example, if he interprets loneliness as a situation that will make you suffer or as something that unfortunately had to happen to you…or, as a punishment of the life that has taken to spite you, without doubt, you will be very wrong.

on the contrary, you live loneliness as an opportunity to be accompanied by yourself, to know yourself and grow personally, to do what you want when you feel like it; to learn to be happy without waiting for anyone from outside to do that work … then, the thing will be very different.

What To Do Before Feeling Lonely

In addition to changing the attitude and interpretation of loneliness, which we was talking about earlier, generated some other things that you can do; and which reduce or otherwise, will resolve, the feeling of loneliness that can be so uncomfortable.

One of the things that can solve the feeling of loneliness is to think about what it would take for you to stop feeling lonely. They could tell you that you’d need a couple, or else you’d need more friends. But of course, this is something you can’t go shopping for at the supermarket.

So, the question would be, what makes you unable to have which you lack? Maybe you spend a lot of time in the house, or do a few activities in places where more people. Maybe wait for someone to call and not propose something yourself; maybe some social skills, or maybe be a very shy person?

When you find the reasons for not having what you need, you can work on them to make things change. Because of course, something will have to be on your side.

Help Others

Help Others

Another option to reduce the feeling of loneliness is to volunteer to help people who need the help of others. Studies that show when you do something to help others, it greatly increases your well-being. Counting on other people will make you the safest of solitude; it will make you feel happier because there will be those who enjoy your help and your company.

Change The Focus Of Your Attention

Or what is the same, stops being constantly aware of your loneliness. Stop keeping in mind all the time you lack companionship, and collect all that you do have; for sure, there are many other things. As I said, almost everything is a matter of attitude.

Keep Busy Yourself

No doubt; being doing things as long as possible, it’s gonna get you to not even remember that you’re alone. Think of all those things you like to do, those things that do you good … or what you’d like to do that he hasn’t done yet. Fill your agenda and you will not have time to think about it.

Having a lot of free time is not healthy for anyone. During the time we are inactive, we tend to bring to mind the most negative thoughts. And the feeling of loneliness can certainly be more present when you have nothing to do.

Interestingly, a series of concrete activities that reduce the safest of solitude. Some of them are taking a walk through nature if you have the chance, which makes you feel accompanied by it. Exercise also increases your sense of well-being. Getting into the history of a good book also helps fight loneliness.

Value The Advantages Of Being Alone

Of course, we are social beings and sometimes we want, and others we need, to be in company. But, often the company involves having to negotiate with others; so that no one gets hurt.

When you’re alone, you decide what you do, what you don’t, and when you do…what comes, when it comes, where you go, when you go. In short, it is you who always decides. And that … if you think about it, it’s an advantage.

Make Contacts Through The Internet

Make Contacts Through The Internet

Another option to solve that loneliness would be to deal with people through internet pages; where you can join groups that are close to you in terms of tastes, interests and hobbies.

But the idea would be to use the Internet to meet people and establish personal and real relationships. On the contrary, to devote a lot of time to social networks, what you can do is to isolate yourself from real life; that you only relate in a virtual way, and that is not the idea.

Adopt A Pet

Indisputably, it’s a good way to stop feeling lonely. Having a pet at home, whatever it is, will not only bring you company, but also having to take care of it, will make you much safer than if you dedicate yourself to it alone.


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