1- If you are in the street and you see a poor child with white skin, you are indignant, and you wonder if he is not a kidnapped child, but when they are mestizo or indigenous, you are not worried that children are asking for money.

2 – With your friends, you mean the maid in the toilet.

3 – You have problems inviting people of mixed or Indigenous characteristics to a party for “what they will say” and/or you justify yourself with the argument that they are people of “different environments”.

4 – You don’t feel comfortable with brown people in a crowd. In a stadium, in an elevator, walking on the street.

5 – On the bus, you easily give the seat to a woman with clear Caucasian or brown features, but rarely do so with an Indian woman.

6 – Is the word “Trashy” usually in your vocabulary?

7 – They give you a job, and you realize that your boss, who grew up from the lower class, is very dark and even has Indigenous traits. It generates a kind of conflict.

8 – You like movies where good, white people with European traits appear more than those where Indigenous and mestizo people appear.

9 – Deep down inside you, you wouldn’t dislike the idea that all the people in Mexico were white, or clear brunettes, like in Europe or the United States.

10 – You don’t treat a white person the same as an indigenous or mestizo person.

11 – You yell “Trashy” or “Indian” at someone.

12 – It is more pleasing to you that customer service is a woman or a white man than a dark person.

13 – You demand severe punishment  for criminals who are brown, but you wonder and question the whole system when you see that one of the criminals “is similar.”

14 – When you see a person of mixed-race and Indigenous traits having economic or power success, you think they got there because of corruption.

15 – You wish the Spanish had wiped out the indigenous people like in the United States, not mixed up.

How to calculate the result:

With two or three affirmations that you believe to be true, you’re a racist.


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