Often, people hearing the word “disorder” get scared, but it’s true that in general if a famous person suffers from a mental disorder and recognizes them, suddenly they are a fighter, but people who are not famous and who have an ordinary life and have a mental disorder are also fighters.

Today we want to share with you a list of known people who have or have had BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and many people don’t even know them. Famous people and other people who lead a normal life are just like all of us who suffer from this disorder.

Angelina Jolie

Bpd , Borderline Personality Disorder

She has the disorder quite remarkable, especially for her self-harm, unstable relationships. She also had a lot of sexual confusion and eating disorders. It is also important to highlight her struggle and humanitarian value as UNHCR’s ambassador. A caring and sensitive person, although with many emotional ups and downs.

Courtney Love

Bpd, Borderline Personality Disorder

This American composer had a very distinct BPD especially for substance abuse which made her have inappropriate anger and a more distinct eating disorder. The self-harm was very common in her illness, but above all the public scandal, the result of toxic substances.

Lindsay Lohan

Bpd, Borderline Personality Disorder

She is an American actress, model, and singer who started with an eating disorder. Possible self-harm due to frustration. But what is most marked in this bpd is the abuse of toxic substances and uncontrolled sexual behavior.

Britney Spears

Bpd, Borderline Personality Disorder

The famous singer from a young age has been through it all. Part of BPD is diagnosed with BP (Bipolar Disorder). Her liberal behavior has always pushed everything to the limit. We are talking about reckless driving, substance abuse, eating disorders, and inappropriate anger with behaviors marked in her character.

Amy Winehouse

Bpd, Borderline Personality Disorder

This delicate case ended the life of this musical artist, as this disorder can end the lives of some people. In Amy’s case, the symptoms were very marked with: self-harm, substance abuse, very unstable relationships, sexual confusion, feeling of inner emptiness.

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald

Bpd, Borderline Personality Disorder

The writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife were hospitalized several times. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia and manic depression before her diagnosis of BPD.

Lady Diana

Bpd, Borderline Personality Disorder

It is speculated that Princess Diana had BPD. Some of her behaviors were definitely fitted many of the criteria found in the DSM-IV.

Marilyn Monroe

Bpd, Borderline Personality Disorder

Although there is no proof that Marilyn Monroe has been diagnosed with BPD, many of her actions and behaviors are indicative of the disorder. Promiscuity, drug use, and suicidal tendencies are some of Monroe’s criteria that fit the diagnosis. She could spend days locked up in her room taking benzodiazepines, crying and calling her lovers for attention and planning her suicides or sexual acts.

Jim Carrey

Bpd, Borderline Personality Disorder

He has suffered from BPD and manic depression. Often, once a month, he is entered from hospital to hospital for his ups and downs of humor. He’s a person with a lot of spikes in his personality and he’s in a lot of pain. He himself acknowledged that the role he had to play in the film “Me, Myself and Irene” suffered and had to stop filming in so many scenes. He recognized that in many scenes he was not acting, but that he was himself and that made himself crumble. Jim fights for his disorder with his ups and downs, without using drugs or having unbridled sex or reckless driving.

Ben Stiller

Bpd, Borderline Personality Disorder

Although he does not like to admit his BPD in public, he has diagnosed it and is characterized by his perfectionism on set and off. Everything has to be to his liking, otherwise, he has a burst of anger. He is very obsessive about everything he does and the people around him.

Nicolas Cage

Bpd, Borderline Personality Disorder

He has a borderline personality disorder although he suffers from anxiety attacks and panic attacks.

Kurt Cobain

Bpd, Borderline Personality Disorder

Sometimes, the stories with BPD do not end well. This was one of the cases. Kurt couldn’t handle the symptoms of this disease anymore. Finally, He left a suicide letter ending his suffering.

Robbie Williams

Bpd, Borderline Personality Disorder

Like everyone else, this fabulous singer suffers from BPD although he tries to stay stable (with difficulty) because he also suffers from binge disorder (with much improvement) and drug use.

Elizabeth Wurtzel

Bpd, Borderline Personality Disorder

American writer and journalist is known for her book “Prozac Nation” in which the writer recounts her history of BPD, which has been dragged into depression. Prozac Nation was taken to the movies in 2001. Currently, Wurtzel works for The Wall Street Journal and continues to publish books dedicated to the world of women.


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