The masturbation is an easy “perversion” of practice. It does not require travel companions, although there is never a need if the agreement is satisfactory. In any case, the masturbation can be good that involves autoerotism, solitude and mechanical (manual or instrumental) provocation of libidinous arousal and, if possible, of the punctual orgasm.

Knowing if we are addicted to something or a substance like tobacco or behavior is very simple.

Myths About Masturbation

Nowadays, Very little is written about masturbation (although it is still practiced a lot). But, in earlier times, moralists used a lot of ink to warn of the dangers of manual (or digital) actions that, applied by the agent in the cock, vagina, clitoris, anus, or adjacent regions, were aimed at satisfying concupiscence.

The moralists claimed that masturbation caused, in men, loss of cerebral phosphorus through semen. The practice of masturbation made the young cretins, syphilitic, softened brain and emptied spinal cord. There was the talk of “early dementia (schizophrenia) masturbator”, as well as varicose veins, colitis, prostatitis, endometritis, depression, tuberculosis, ineptitude for work, difficulty in studying, heart spasms, irritability, and visual impairment.

It was also attributed properties to modify the anatomy: the clitoris of masturbators would be more voluminous, elongated, red, turgid, and its foreskin more smooth, soft, frowned and hypertrophic. The hymen of masturbators would be softer and reddened mucous membranes. The male masturbators (even in publications of this century) have been condemned to have a pendulous and flaccid scrotum, glans discovered and rounded shape (how will non-masturbators have it?), dark color in the set of genital part, congestion and erection at the minimum contact, as well as tender breast tenderness.

All these mind-boggling fantasies were part of the moral education given in the schools of the first half of our century, which, in our homeland, lasted until the third quarter. The” pathology ” of masturbation served as a propaganda argument for the use of good parents, and of the holy men and women who educated us in the religious schools of the time.

Any addiction involves:

  1. “Compulsive need” (“craving” in the English original name). In this case, the need to masturbate. Not only”wanting to masturbate ” but need to do it, with increased anxiety if you don’t.
  2. “Abstinence”, symptoms of anxiety and nervousness if You can’t masturbate.
  3. “Increased addictive behavior”: every day you masturbate more, you have an increasing need to do so.
  4. “Occupation of your other activities”: as you spend more time masturbating, you stop doing other things that you would need to do.
  5. “Inability to control,” although you know you should do it. As much as you try not to masturbate, you end up doing it.

As you can see, we haven’t talked about the number of times. It’s not that it does not matter; in addictions the frequency of addictive behavior increases, but this is different according to people. The most conclusive is the sum of the four elements above.

In some cases, addictive masturbation may replace other sexual activities. There are people who are only able to satisfy themselves sexually through masturbation, and stop caring about interpersonal relationships.

Masturbation is natural and must be satisfying. Only if it becomes an unhealthy need, which turns the person into a slave, does it require professional support like any other addiction?

Masturbation And Guilt

Masturbation And Guilt

The alleged damages of masturbation are summed up in only real one: you experience it with anxiety and feel guilty about it. I have a personal observation case, very sad. John, 22, came to me because he thought he was losing his memory because of his habit of masturbating at least once a day. He was an extremely depressed, obsessive boy, in whom the idea of being demented crossed the limits of normal concern and reached pathological traits.

He came to my office with a “Medical dictionary”, for home use, in which masturbation was defined as “the insane, vice and serious perversion that causes loss of cerebral phosphorus and, consequently, degeneration and madness.” He did not accept my explanations or accept their depressive nature. He refused to be treated, repeating that his thing was irrevocable and that the damage was already done. Sometime later I learned that he had committed suicide.

Is there a “normal” frequency for such widespread work? Whenever Statistical studies are carried out on these things, there were similar conclusions. On average, 95 percent of males over the age of 42 have masturbated at least once in their lives. The frequency, with age variations, ranges from one to three times a week, although it may become daily or more. For women, the percentage is lower, 60%, and also with similar frequency (1 to 3 per week, may become daily, or more).

Masturbation Techniques

Masturbation techniques in males are mainly manual. Penis manipulations usually consist of rhythmic shaking, exercised with all hands, or with two or three fingers. There are those who act on the whole length of the cock, and who prefer to devote their efforts to the crown of the glans.

Masters and Johnson
Masters and Johnson , American research team noted for their studies of human sexuality.

Masters and Johnson describe cases of masturbation with one finger, in males with excessive foreskins (in this case the finger is sullied with the foreskin). Some men rub their penis against the bed or some object, although this is rare. A clinical case, of personal observation, liked to rub it with a persian carpet. The “self-massage”, consisting of stimulating oneself with the mouth, is only available to circus contortionists or subjects with gigantic penises.

On the other hand, it is a common means of masturbation in monkeys and in some of the other mammals that have come out.

In specialized shops, there are mechanical masturbatory gadgets. The most are exquisite imitations of female vulvas, where the details are not lacking. Folds and hair are impeccable in terms of authenticity, and are accompanied by lubricating liquids that also provide an odorous component similar to the best real vulvas.There will be gentlemen who mitigate their shortcomings by caressing or kissing such substitutes while thinking of better things.

In women, masturbatory techniques consist of stimulation of the elements of the orgasmic platform. External stimulations are much more frequent than internal ones. Remember that only the outer third of the vagina has sensitivity. External stimulations can be of different types.

The labia majora tend to be squeezed between two or more fingers, although the labia minora and the clitoris are the ones that respond best to excitement.When you knead the labia majora, the excitement is transmitted to the rest. The clitoris protests if it is spoiled in a direct way, so it is more rewarding to dedicate the worries to its foreskin. Also, the stimulation of the mount of Venus, pressing down, diffuses the excitation towards the receptive clitoral zone.

In some moments the face is extended by touching the minor lips and entrance of the vagina. When the healthy orgasm approaches, the pressure of the hand increases over the receptive areas, and the caress is widened in extent and intensity until the muscular contractions and pleasure start from the genitals and extend the joyful heat towards the rest of the body.

There are women who reach masturbatory orgasm by muscle contractions of the thighs, pelvic area and third outside of the vagina without having to touch with the hand. This allows access to substantive pleasures. Some of them manage to reach it without any movement, only with libidinous thoughts. A case of personal observation, a 19-year-old girl, reached tasty spasms every time she heard her favorite singer on the radio.

Female masturbation can be helped by mechanical gadgets, called pessaries in classical terminology. The advances of the twentieth and Twenty-First Century have allowed the introduction of electric energy-driven vibrating machines into the heavy machinery. The vibrator is a very valuable device for women prone to orgasmic difficulties. The vibrator that never fails, must be applied to the clitoris, and, without the need to rub (it already vibrates itself) ends up producing orgasm even to the most reluctant ladies.

One detail: the best vibrators are those sold in the management section of the department stores, such as “massage apparatus”. On the other hand, they are easy to buy without undermining the dignity of the users. The parts they sell in the sex-shops can be very attractive in aesthetics, but they usually work with batteries, so they vibrate little and badly. It is praising realism in the form of plastic penises, but very well finished in terms of texture, touch, appearance, fur, and smell.

An extremely classic contraption, though not in Western but Eastern cultures, consists of a pair of hollow metal balls, with other balls inside that give them vibratory properties. Their ancestral use consists in their introduction through the vagina, where they are left to vibrate with the smallest movements of the pelvis, or simply when walking. I don’t think the vibration will turn out to be masturbatory. Balls are an excuse for contractions with the muscles of the vagina, which can already be more exciting.

Is the female orgasm of liquid emission accompanied? In the pornographic pamphlets of the Victorian era is very celebrated “female ejaculation”, but we fear that with little sense of reality. The vaginal glands secrete a fluid when the woman begins to excite, and the secretion persists during the whole task. There is no concrete discharge at the female orgasmic moment.

Masturbation as a tool of knowledge

Masturbation as a tool of knowledge

The learning of masturbation is usually done in the adolescent stage (between the ages of 12 and 16). Males frequently access through conversations with older boys. Women gain more access by self-exploration, or when they initiate amorous and sexual escapades with their playmates. It is not strange that girls who had never thought of masturbating, and who did not even know that it existed, discover it after the caresses of their boyfriends, and go to practice it, on their own, with fervor.

I have several cases of personal observation in which access to masturbation was caused in females during a sexual assault. One of my cases, Marta, a woman over thirty who consulted for the difficulty in accessing orgasm, had learned to masturbate at age ten, having been cheated by an adult, taken to a dark room, and caressed in her vulva. The situation brought him fear and shame, but also a pleasure.

We often forget that the child is a subject with the ability to feel sexual pleasure, and that, even subjected to sexual aggression and they can have extremely conflictive pleasant sensations. Marta masturbated almost daily throughout her life. Her fantasy was to feel loved and kissed on the forehead by an angelic and asexual being, who lulled her into a serene beach, while she masturbated.

When she masturbated on her own, she reached splendid orgasms. But when she tried to intercourse with a man, there was an intense pleasure that stopped abruptly before reaching orgasm. Possibly as a blockage to avoid the” loss of control ” that, unconsciously, lived with guilt from her first early experience.

Do men and women stop masturbating when they have a partner?

Well, not necessarily. In married men, masturbation is practiced at 42% and in married women at 35 %. Erotic fantasies that accompany masturbation occur in 64 % of women masturbating, and 99% of men masturbating.

In many cases of personal observation, females combine masturbation with reading romantic novels. Women often find bizarre pornographic novels that delight their male opponents. A woman will prefer the ambushed eroticism, made of insinuations and double senses, rather than the intemperate description, with deluxe details as to sizes and humidities, of the genital parts.

But there are also women, many of whom in their public lives appear to be the most remiss, who like to offer rugged interjections in moments of excitement. Such ladies appreciate the reading of lurid stories with a plethora of words such as “dick” and “pussy”.

There are a number of words that have been proposed as synonyms of masturbation. Thus: ” Ipsación “ of a Latin word meaning ”self”. “Quiroerastia” of Greek words meaning love with the hand. ” Onanismo “of the biblical character Onan, who ” scattered his seed through the ground “(as many caged canaries do), although Onan apparently did so after the ” coitus interruptus”.

Each section of ”perversions” is preceded by a dialogue between two antithetical characters, which serves to underline how reality can be interpreted in very different ways.


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