All people make more or less important decisions throughout our lives, it’s part of our day to day.Making a choice about something may not influence too much, but even with those little decisions, there are undecided people who have great difficulty choosing between different options. And this happens not only in mature and developed people but also in undecided children, especially in their teen years.

In this article, you will know if you are Indecisive Person and if so, you will be in luck, because we will provide you with a little guide so that you can use it when you have the slightest doubt in each of the indecision you have throughout your life.

What is it to be indecisive?

We can understand the meaning of indecisive as the person who has difficulty deciding and may never even come to an decision.

We understand by making decisions as to the ability to decide and choose between various options. Whether it is chosen in a hesitant, firm way … and whether or not it causes repercussions in the future.

What is an Indecisive person?

There is indecision that will matter only in this present or very short-term future.Examples such as choosing the clothes we wear the next day, deciding between one type of hairstyle or another, or choosing a meal or another may not have much impact on our lives, and in these small issues, many people give it more importance than it deserves.

There are, however, important decisions that determine our life project. Some of these can be separating us from our partner, living for rent or buying a house, forming a family…

The worst decision is indecision.

-Benjamin Franklin

Every important decision we make in life deserves to be reflected because whether it is short, medium or long-term we are likely to look back at the past and think whether the decision was the most correct or not.

A notable problem with decision – making occurs especially in times of tension, nerves, low self-esteem, insecurity, stress… where you constantly question your inner “I”, even as if climbing a mountain in the summer is a matter for us to decide. But to do that you need to know how you can stop being insecure and become a determined person will help you to trust your decisions.

When we stop deciding, either because of the fear of assuming responsibility, because of the fear of failing or because of the fact that we are too perfectionist, we will be allowing that capacity to be executed by another person. And with that, we will have made other people choose for us an option that we may not even be prepared for and that is when you live the life of others.

This is what makes you an indecisive person, but you don’t want to be, Do you?

How To Stop Being Indecisive

Stop Being Indecisive

Being an undecided person can be caused mainly by multiple doubts such as the expectations you hold in making such a decision, what you can do to achieve it and if you are willing to do it, the resources or means we have available…

Although there is no perfect and generic formula when we encounter such indecision, today we want to leave you a series of guidelines to follow so that you can get to know how you can stop being indecisive.

This does not mean that it will always work and be fulfilled for all the times that occur, but it may help or guide you.

Consider All Possibilities

With this first step, you will help your brain show you the wide range of options you can choose and then choose the most appropriate.

When you need to choose an option, first make a list of all the different possibilities you can contemplate and put them on a sheet.

In this case, the most important thing is to point out all the options that occur to you directly, without thinking too much about which one may be the most accurate, you don’t need to go deeper.

If you really manage to point out all the possibilities that come up to you in an improvised way, it will help when your mind invades you with different choices, those that you have previously raised, because they are the ones that the brain will automatically think of.

Write down the reason why you need ideas and just below make a list of all the possibilities you can think of. If what makes you undecided is something that you sense is not of much importance, you won’t need to write them down on paper, but you can follow this little guide on yourself.

Know The Advantages And Disadvantages

For each possible decision in the next column add the consequences (positive and negative) that occur to you.

So for each one of them, you know at least its advantages, disadvantages and the risks involved in deciding on one option or another.

Prioritize For The Decision You Think Best

Behind the hesitation that you have, stop at each option and write for each of them what is the reason that paralyzes you to choose her/him as a final candidate.

Once you have done so, analyze them and write a number that is the priority. If you think she/he’s the best, write a smaller the number than 1, the less priority it will have to be the final solution to our indecision.

Choose An Option And Be Responsible


And now it’s time to confront her/he. Of all the ones you have chosen, in the previous step, you will have marked one as a priority. This you have been able to achieve thanks to drawing up that small table where you can see the advantages against the inconveniences and the reason why it makes you an indecisive person.

Now you will have to choose that first option and it is very likely that you will still be uneasy. Have I chosen the best option? Maybe others are better? What if I’m wrong? These are questions you’re probably asking yourself and it’s a perfect barrier that won’t allow you to move forward in this indecision.

What do you need to think about when this happens? Absolutely nothing, don’t listen, just take responsibility.

Of all the choices made, there is no perfect one, in fact, life always has a side of uncertainty that you will have to know how to accept, manage and control.

Take responsibility for the things that can happen to you by selecting the Chosen One and forget the other options. Now it’s your turn to move on.

What do you want to ask again if there are other options? All you get is to create more doubts, paralyze yourself and block yourself. Since this is not going to benefit you at all, you should think that you have done a good job in developing this exercise and that of all the options you have found, you have chosen the one that best suits your situation.

To stop being indecisive:

  • Take that unique option you have valued.
  • Try not to think about the other options.
  • Take responsibility. You need to take responsibility and accept both the positive and negative side of what you’ve decided.
  • Don’t block. If you do, you won’t be moving forward and when you have multiple indecisions in life it will cost you even more.
  • The bad is not so bad. Most indecisions aren’t really going to pose an existential danger to you. Ask yourself: would it really be as catastrophic if it happened as you think it could be?

Do You Stop Being Insecure And Indecisive? Life Is A Game

Before finishing the article and so you can feel more motivated to be a determined person, it is advisable that you view life as a game.



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