In this compilation, we will try to highlight all the qualities and virtues of the Inca society as well as highlight those Inca proverbs that have had the most repercussion over time since there has been no such civilization for many years. Unfortunately, the arrival of Columbus in America radically changed the way of life of the members of the Inca community.

That civilization was located in Peru, so we will find that most proverbs are written in the Quechua language.

We hope you like them and that you get valuable conclusions about how the Incas lived and thought.

Inca Proverbs And Their Meaning

Without further delay, we will know a few proverbs and reflections that have transcended the centuries.

“El hatum ama sua, ama llula, ama quella”

The translation of this Inca maxim would be: “The important thing: do not steal, do not lie, do not be idle.” A kind of basic moral guide.

“Al rincón quita calzón”

A phrase that is used to punish someone.

“Bueno es culantro pero no tanto”

When we take a situation to the extreme, even in good faith, we can get hurt or hurt someone.

“Te crees la última chupada del Mango”

It is used to designate that a person is cocky and arrogant.

“Quien mucho abarca, poco aprieta”

If you are not able to focus on a few things and do them well, it is because maybe you are trying to cover too many tasks. Efficiency requires concentration and precision.

“Lo que tiene la fea, la bonita lo desea”

The meaning is obvious. Human beings always aspire to have what we do not possess, and we do not value such who we are or the virtues that we actually have today.

We hope you enjoyed these Inca Proverbs and that you have a good day. These are very interesting proverbs and at the same time, very enriching for life. Share them in your social networks if you found them inspiring.


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