Can I Have Some Of Your Time?

Time is shaping and shaping us according to what we live. Time gives us reason in some things, but in others, it takes it away. Time surprises us and makes us appreciate it when we look back. All those things that we had done in the past, that in moments before they happened, we would not even have imagined. So, it’s a very precious commodity. Time is not bought, exchanged, or sold.

Time is the common denominator in our lives, in our stories and in our futures.

Value those people who dedicate time to you, or rather spend time with you. However, it is, without stopping to measure; duration, frequency, or quality. That gives you time, it means that you agree to, and therefore you agree to receive it.

We are so immersed in immediate or short-term objectives that we do not pay attention to the time between starting and achieving those objectives. For example, how many of us go to work in a hurry, distracting ourselves with our mobile phone until we reach our metro stop, or taking care of our ears to quickly evade the reality of everyday life and get to the places of destination?

Learning To Value The Present Time

I invite you to make some changes that you can make in your day to day and thus value time in a different way.:


Capture all that information around us, whether it’s streets, landscapes, people, gestures… all that information is inputted to our brain. You can learn a lot about what people need, how they feel, or what they can get to you.


Give more importance to how or what we feel at every moment. Whether it’s an accelerated breathing, a tight shoulder, or a tummy roar. Try to think about what it is that can make us feel this way and give some answer to that need (deep breathing, rotating shoulder movement, eating something…).


Even if we have better days than others, the others don’t deserve us to transmit those bad vibrations. So be grateful and try to be nice to others as you would like them to be with you. Not just for them, but for how you’ll feel after you do it. Be courteous and smile more and you will be smiled more than you thought, if not, don’t worry, as your vibrations and attitude will be better anyway.

Then, devote time to everything that makes you happy, fulfilled, or simply calm and at ease with yourself.

The importance of connecting with the people around us

Spend time with those people who make you lose track of time, talking about everything, and talking about nothing. Thank all of you, I repeat, all who have gone through life as in one way or another. You have been molded to this day to be who you are. Here are the fantastic, exciting, and mysterious crossroads.

You never know what the new crossroads are going to be, they’ll just come. How long they are going to be or what their task is going to be, you won’t know until, in time, you look back and understand what you’ve taken from that crossroads on the road and in time.


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