Whether by choice or by force of circumstances, leaving home, celibacy, separation, divorce, loss of a spouse, more and more people are living alone.  In the collective mind, living alone is synonymous with loneliness, depression and difficult life, due to the absence of a partner who supports you, shares good moments with you and helps you overcome the turpitude of life.

In reality, there is a confusion between living alone and experience loneliness. It is quite possible to live as a couple, be married, have children and feel isolated and struggling with loneliness.

At the same time, people who living alone can perfectly enjoy a happy and fulfilling life without suffering from depression or loneliness disorders.

To achieve this, however, people who living alone must adopt a lifestyle adapted to their situation. We have gathered for you the main ingredients of this lifestyle :

1.Do What You Always Wanted To Do

When you live alone, you have fewer obligations to others and therefore more time to devote to yourself. So why not invest this time in what you care about and in what you’ve never had the opportunity to do before: write, draw, learn a new language, start a blog about something you love … just do yourself a favor!

Taking up your free time is all the more important as it will save you from being bored, from being invaded by negative thoughts and from sinking into the gloom.

2.Get Out Of The House

Out Of The House

If you’re home and feeling unwell, come out and breathe fresh air. Go to a park and get closer to nature. Learn to appreciate the simple things: listen to the birds singing, contemplate the beauty of the landscape, admire the height of the trees, let the sun tickle your skin and warm your heart. Don’t stay entrenched at home, there are so many things to discover and do outside that will allow you to recharge your batteries and clear your mind.

3.Avoid carelessness

One of the biggest benefits of living alone is having no one on your back to give you orders and tell you what to do. But it’s also a big downside.  You have no one to tell you that you need to pick up your things in the living room, no one to tell you that you need to do laundry, that the dishes are piled up in the sink or that your room needs a good vacuum cleaner. So it’s very easy to let yourself go and find yourself living in a place you don’t like. Keep your living space clean and organized even if you don’t often receive people at home.

4.Make Connections With Your Neighbors

Except if you are an ascetic who has chosen to live on the top of a mountain thousands of miles from any dwelling, living alone does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of all contact with your fellow man. The human being is a social animal and you need to interact with other individuals. Just like it’s important to be able to count on someone if you need it. So make an effort to reach out to the people around you and connect with some of your neighbors.

5.Enjoy The Calmness

Today we live in a connected society where even if you live alone, you can spend your days checking your smart-phone, chatting on social networks, watching videos on Youtube or playing video games. These activities can take up most of your time and make you forget the essentials. Disconnect from time to time so you can relax, meditate, take a step back and think about your future.

6.Avoid Negative Thoughts

Your thoughts can be your best friend as they can be your worst enemy. Sometimes all it takes is a little negative thinking to trigger a flood of painful ideas, memories, and feelings that storm your brain. It is also easy to continue to nurture  this negativity to the point where thoughts such as ” I feel so alone “, “I would end up alone” or “nobody loves me” begin to move through your mind. Be aware of your thoughts and learn to cut short negative thoughts before they turn into a mind monster that terrorizes you. As soon as you feel that you are losing the battle against your thoughts, do something relaxing, take a bath, watch a movie, go for a walk or do some sports.  This brings us to the next point .

7.Play Sports To Stay Fit And Healthy

Sport is an effective way to relax and a powerful remedy against stress and anxiety. Many scientific studies show that physical activity helps prevent depression and maintain mental health.

8.Go To Bed At A Reasonable Time

Your sleep has a profound impact on your health and well-being. According to a scientific study, people who go to bed early are less likely to develop negative thoughts. Other scientific studies also tend to show that you are less irritable, look better and are more productive after a good night’s sleep. Conclusion, if you want to live alone and happy, remember to sleep well and rest well.


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