Starting a relationship is also turning towards some new habits and behaviors. This may be particularly clear when we look at the nutritional habits of people in love or, rather, the perception that these people have about their habits when it comes to feeding and caring for what they eat.

This is the research topic that was addressed by the American Physical Society (APS), which has addressed the relationship between being in a relationship or being single and the impact of this on the tendency towards overweight.

A survey study involving 2,314 people, the majority of whom are middle-aged women (between 31 and 40 years), was launched at APS. Of this population sample, 81% stated that there is a connection between the weight gain and relationship, the phase through which this relationship passes, and the different degrees of weight gain.

Some Opinions About Food And Courtship

The results in terms of the amount of weight that the people interviewed are varied depending on your sentimental situation and weight.

The explanations given by the respondents focus on the view that the moment of an active search for a partner also involves eating habits to provide an attractive image, while this need loses importance once the relationship with another person has been formed.

73% of respondents believe that the overweight factor affects a lot or a lot when finding a stable partner, while only 38% believe that this still holds the same or more importance when maintaining a consolidated relationship.

In addition, 42% admit that during times when they have no partner, they try to take more care of diet and eating habits. In this same line, 24% of the people peck at least in singleness, and interestingly, 47% peck more just after the break with the relationship.

As we know, overweight affects not only what we eat, but also our habits to keep us fit by exercising. When asked about this topic, 33% of the people surveyed claim to have more sport in a single state, and 35% do less sport once the relationship is over.

In addition, some respondents also associate this slight tendency towards overweight with episodes of stress and concern facilitated by idyllic.

Sleep is also no exception to this set of everyday changes that are affected by a boyfriend or girlfriend’s entry into the scene. 36% say they sleep a little less when they are looking for a partner, a percentage which is exceeded by 44.5% who say they spend less hours in sleep when they break up with the other person.

More Research Is Needed!

It is related to habits and social dynamics as usual and in all subjects. This research was done through surveys, with questions prepared a priori and with little capacity to gather all the subtleties of the opinions expressed in it. Also, there may be differences between what the respondents perceive and reality. That is why, in the future, we hope to see more studies that collect objective data on the relationship between sentimental status and obesity.


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