With regard to sex, it is common to think that men and women behave and feel very differently. It is said that they feel excited by different stimuli, have a different perception of sex, or even that men are much more interested in intercourse than women. However, many of these differences, in the case of being real, can be explained as a matter of quantity, rather than being part of a clear and categorical separation between the gender!

Relative differences, but not absolute. We know, for example, that both men and women can breastfeed and that it is possible to develop genitals of the opposite sex by going through a certain life stage.

In the same way, one of the great bastions of female sexuality is the ability to have multiple orgasms, but it seems that it is not as exclusive as is commonly believed. Men can also become multiorgasm, if necessary, either spontaneously or after having gone through a period of learning.

Multiorgasmic Men And Refractory Period

Although it is bad to say, the achievement of orgasm can be assessed as something defined by its quantity, rather than by its quality. Thus, the multiorgasm ceases to be a kind of mythological creature belonging to women to become something rather bland: more than one orgasm in a very short period of time.

This ability to experience several bursts of pleasure in a row disappears when the so-called refractory period occurs, which is the period of time that elapses between orgasm and the point at which it can regain another.

The refractory period has a chemical imprint in the brain, since during this phase a sensation of relaxation and numbness appears, probably related to the release of oxytocin and prolactin, a hormone that annuls the effects of dopamine and therefore lowers the sexual excitement

This means that multi-orgasmic people are those who manage to circumvent or reduce considerably the refractory period, which if present would act as a temporary wall between one orgasm and the next so that the accumulated excitement continues to be maintained.

The Path Of Tantra Is Not The Only One

For some reason, men are more prone to experience persistent refractory periods with high frequency, and that leads to limitations when it comes to multi orgasm. However, this propensity is rather statistical in nature, and today we know that it is perfectly possible that the male refractory period is reduced.

There are certain techniques based on physical and mental control that can help make the body adopt alternative dynamics in which the orgasm does not lead to the refractory period, and are applicable to both sexes. Among them, the ones provided by the tradition of tantric sex, although it is not the only way to achieve this result, as there are people accustomed to having multiple orgasms without having to follow teachings.


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