In addition to that state of generalized anxiety, in which we are concerned about everything, fearful, insecure and nervous, there are times when we notice anxiety and a nervous breakdown. The truth is, with the right Self Soothing techniques, we can avoid an anxiety crisis. Knowing some tricks to ease anxiety can save you from a very unpleasant situation.

Most of the time, we try to calm the anxiety with so-called repetitive movements, which only make the nerves worse. Either we take refuge in food to eat compulsively or, in the worst cases, we seek calm in alcohol. None of this works to calm anxiety, on the contrary, it worsens it.

Being determined to learn to handle anxiety is the first step in combating it. Take note of the following tips that will teach you to tackle an anxiety crisis before it gets out of hand.

How To Know An Anxiety Crisis Is Coming

To avoid a dreaded crisis of anxiety, we need to be able to recognize in time that it is about to occur. For this, it is important to know ourselves and how our body and mind react to different stimuli. There is nothing better than listening to understand what is happening.

Knowing what are the most common symptoms in an anxiety attack will make it easier for you to identify them when the time comes and face them without magnifying them. It is important to give them their proper relevance because if we enlarge them we will only increase suffering.

It is usual that, in the face of an anxiety crisis, a lot of negative thoughts come into your head with which you will be self-boycott. There are people who have unreal feelings, think illogical things, are afraid to die. These attacks are also accompanied by palpitations, tachycardia, increased body temperature, chest pain, sweating, tremors, choking, altered breathing, numbness or muscle paralysis.

Sometimes these symptoms start to appear one by one and slowly. On other occasions, they manifest more sharply. In any case, when you begin to notice that you are getting closer to having an anxiety attack, it is time to practice the following nerve-calming tips.

The Best Tips To Calm Anxiety

The Best Tips To Calm Anxiety

We offer you some more and less simple tips that will help you regain your calm when you feel like you are getting out of control. They require a little practice, so the first time you try them will not be as effective as you would like. Don’t lose patience and stay with them. Little by little you will manage your mind and manage anxiety as you please.

1- Analyses The Situation

When you notice that the tension you feel is growing, take a moment to analyze the situation. Even if this break makes you waste a little time, you can face reality in a much clearer way. Stop for a moment and see what’s causing your nerves or fear. Of everything that happens to you right now, what are the elements that make you more nervous?

From this analysis, you will be able to identify the issues that alter you and you will be able to eliminate them or confront them with another disposition.

2- Divide, And You Will Win

Think of all the things you have in your head right now and write them down as a list on a piece of paper. Seeing them in a paper will help you calm your mind, which will now see quantitatively the different issues that you have to face rather than magnify them.

3- Go For A Walk

When you notice the nerves are tight, go for a walk. You can try walking too fast, leaving your mind blank while you breathe. When you’re tired, you can stop and you’ll feel much better.

4- Take A Deep Breath

Learning some breathing exercises will help you close the door to anxiety. It is one of these abdominal breathing techniques for which you have to lie on your back. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. Focus on breathing without the hand on the chest moving, so that you get diaphragmatic breathing.

If you can’t lie down, try to take a deep breath by putting your mind blank and concentrating on your breathing.

5- Drink Water

Drink Water

Sometimes, anxiety makes our mouth dry or our throat knot. In these cases, drinking small sips of water will help us feel better.

6- Change Of Activity

Get distracted, change activity, stop what you’re doing for something you like if you see anxiety coming. If possible, go for a moment to another habituation and try to relax by breathing calmly. When you come back, do it with a determined manner and convince yourself that you’ve managed to overcome anxiety.

7- Practice Meditation

Meditation is a good exercise to ward off anxiety and fill your mind with positive thoughts. It’s a technique you have to practice to make it work, but once the control will be very useful during an anxiety crisis.

8- Think Of Something Nice

Visualize relaxing scenes, happy moments or pleasant situations. As you strive for positive images to reach your mind, anxiety cannot enter.

You know your mind has great power in fighting anxiety. Have you tried to think your hands are too hot? Stress is a natural reaction of our body to a situation that poses a threat. At that time our brain sends more blood to your legs and arms in case you have to run away or defend yourself from danger, causing your hands to become cold. If you concentrate on thinking that your hands are at a very high temperature, you will be able to mislead your brain and will tend to calm down.

9- Prepare A Soothing Tea

Take a relaxing infusion. Help yourself with phytotherapy to control nerves while enjoying the soothing sensation of the aroma of plants.

10- Make Yourself Smile

Forcing a smile, even if it is without desire, we end up believing that we are happy. Putting on a good face, even if you feel overwhelmed inside, will help you face the situation in a more positive way.

11- Give A Hug

When you feel you’re approaching an anxiety crisis, give a hug to someone you hold dear. This will help you relax your body and change the way you perceive the situation. And if you don’t have anyone around… give yourself a hug!

Do you usually have anxiety crises? What are your nerve-calming tips? Tell us in the comments below.


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