The scientific data that is sometimes offered to us has a relative truth since people often lie quite often.

We do not tell the whole truth, especially in those issues that bother us or that weigh a cultural taboo. One of the most obvious is sex, where “normality” is a blurred concept. But every now and then, there is some scientific study that sheds some light on the question of how we relate to other gender and ourselves.

A recent investigation carried out in the United States has revealed a curious correlation between two variables: the level of studies of a person and the frequency of masturbation, finding that it is the people with the highest educational knowledge who tend to masturbate more frequently.

This interesting and controversial study has been carried out by the National School of Health and Sexual Behavior directed by the psychologist specializing in sexual behavior, Debby Herbenick, a leading researcher at the Kinsey Institute in the United States of America. She has led this research, finding that people with higher academic levels tend to masturbate more often.

Results Of The Investigation

As revealed by scrutiny of the survey, 71.5 % of women between 25 and 29 years of age acknowledge having masturbated during the last year. A more modest figure, 46.5%, are women between the ages of 60 and 69 who claim to have done so in the past 365 days.

If we go into ages a little more advanced, there would be a case of people over 70 years that have been reported 33% and saying that they have masturbated over the past year; a quite high figure if we take into account the widespread belief that sex is not present in the lives of the elderly.

It Seems That People With Better Training Practice Onanism More

Other conclusions of the study were, for example, the correlation between the academic level of the subject and the correlation of this that is variable with that of frequency in masturbation. As the headline of the news says, it seems that there is a tendency that, at a higher level of studies, the individual usually masturbates.

On the other hand, the survey also showed that 25% of men and only 5% of women confess to having consulted pornographic content on the Internet during the last month. Another interesting fact, which has to do with the protection in sexual relations and 28 % of men claim to have lost their erection when they were about to put the condom in at least one of their last three sexual encounters.


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