Healthy and normal sexuality help you maintain an inner balance, which gives you pleasure. There are different ways to live, feel, and express it. You have to try to live it without prejudice or other criteria that you choose, without limitations and without others deciding how to live your own sexuality.

The psychologists, who specialize in sexual and couples therapy, have some causes of anxiety about sexuality.

Concern For Possible Sexual Problem

The concept of sexuality we receive from childhood is restricted to the genital, we focus our sexual relations on intercourse and see it as an end. But, in order to be able to enjoy sexuality, we must think that it is also can kiss, look, smell, caress, bite, etc. To be happy in a sexual encounter is not essential to intercourse, orgasm, or ejaculation. Maybe if we take the pressure off to measure up, we take off all those worries and get fully enjoy sexual intercourse with or without penetration.

Negative Attitudes And Prejudices Towards Sexuality

They often occur because of a lack of sexual information, and it is necessary to resolve those doubts to enjoy a sexual relationship without fear. Sexuality, with pleasure as an essential goal, must be in the permanent purpose of all people and at all ages. So let us learn to make the most of our life experiences, for happiness requires happiness.

Emotional Factors

If the person lives in distress, lives with fears, with restrictions, with sorrow, with unhappiness… it will only give sadness. If someone wants someone, they must first try to be happy and thus give happiness. Sexuality is for pleasure, never for pain.

Relationship Problems

Resentments, lack of communication, etc. They cause problems in sexual relationships. It is necessary to learn to put oneself in the place of the other, have confidence, learn to ask and say what bothers us or does not like, know how to listen to the demands of the other, not to demand or blame.


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