There are many theories about the different meanings that dreams have. One of the most recurrent is to dream that you drop a tooth. Among the most common meanings of dreaming that a tooth falls, it highlights the relationship that exists with insecurity, fear of change, having made bad decisions and personal dissatisfaction.

However, depending on the type of sleep you have, the interpretation that can be given to, can be very varied. “What does it mean that my teeth fall?” “What if I dream that only one tooth drops from above?” For this reason, we will discover what is the meaning of dreaming that you drop a tooth indicating all the possible interpretations that this anguished dream can have.

Dream that you drop a tooth from above: what does it mean?

The meaning of dreaming that you drop a tooth from above is almost always related to insecurity. You have to keep in mind that, the teeth, is one of the hardest and most stable parts of the body. Therefore, when our unconscious evokes that these can fall, what is indicating to us is that, in these moments, even the strongest of our body can be detached.

What we can interpret is that, we feel fragile, insecure, and so on. There is something in our life that is worrying us or causing us not to feel so strong, therefore, in the world of dreams our teeth fall out.

They can be insecurities of any kind: uncertainty about a new change, starting a new relationship or a new job, and so on.

Does dreaming that you drop a tooth mean death?

While it is true that dreaming that you drop a tooth is related to fear, this has nothing to do with death. In most cultures (and given our natural survival instinct) we relate the feeling of fear with death, although, in a certain, that is something logical and instinctive, there are many other reasons to be afraid. Therefore, you should not worry about death if you dream that you drop a tooth.

Meaning of dreaming that you drop a fang

On the other hand, if the tooth that falls in your sleep is a fang, then there may be other meanings related to this tooth. Normally, the interpretation given is related to fears and concerns because, within the entire dentition, the fangs are the most “aggressive”, “strong”, etc. They are the teeth that mammals have sharpest because, thanks to them, they can skin their prey better.

Therefore, the meaning of dreaming that you drop a fang can have much to do with the fact that, right now, you are afraid, you feel unprotected, without strength. This feeling of discomfort can be related to a situation that you live now but, also, to some fact of the past that has marked you and that has left you unprotected or vulnerable.

Another type of dream that is also related to fear is to dream that you are being persecuted.

What does it mean to dream that your teeth fall out?

Dream that you drop a tooth

This dream is related to moments of pain and sadness. It is possible that you are going through a hard event and your unconscious wants to let off steam through the world of dreams.

When we dream of a tooth that falls, it can also mean that there is something in our life that we are not controlling well and we must take the reins of our destiny. In both interpretations, emotional management is present so if you have dreamed that your molars fall out, it is likely that your unconscious mind is asking you to manage your feelings better.

Dreaming that you tear your teeth: more common meanings

But it can also happen that, during sleep, your teeth do not fall naturally but that you are the one who pulls them out. This type of dream is very common and has a meaning a lot more different from what we have seen so far.

Dream that you tear all your teeth

In these cases, the meaning is usually related to personal dissatisfaction. That is, it may be that, inside you, you know that you have made a bad decision: that you have left your partner when in reality you should not have done it, that you have changed jobs, that you have discussed with a family member … This type of sleep is related to consciousness and, during the course of it, you punish yourself tearing a tooth.

What it means to dream that your teeth are moving

And finally, if you are looking for what is the meaning of dreaming that you drop a tooth you have to bear in mind that not all they fall directly but, in many of them, they simply move. They can be very true dreams that make you feel the discomfort and pleasure that you felt when, as a child, your teeth fell out.

It is a somewhat unpleasant kind of dream that, normally, is related to having little confidence in yourself. As we have said above, the teeth are part of us which is more stable, durable and strong, therefore, if we feel that they move and that they can fall from one moment to the next, it means that we feel weak and vulnerable.

The dream that all your teeth fall to pieces

In this case, sleep often generates a lot of anxiety and despair. For that reason, this dream may mean that you are highly nervous about a particular aspect of your life that needs to be improved.

The dream that someone else’s teeth fall out

If what you observe is that someone else’s teeth come off, it may be a sign that you are worried about that person, you may think that the loved one is not making a correct decision and for that reason, you have the unconscious idea of that something is going to go wrong.


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