A Generation Marked By Carelessness

The generation of a happy childhood, carefree adolescence, studious youth. Living without many problems, in an overprotected environment in which the problems of the world were placed in a third world, seems very far away.

Even today, we refer to Africa when we talk about poverty, understanding the continent that we have at our doorstep as an entity in space that only exists in the news. “The poor have no homeland,” someone said two centuries ago. Today’s youth grew out of dogmas that have turned out to be a few milongas: ” study and work “, “of mine”, “with effort everything will go well”…

Training (especially post-university) is nothing more than a business of the usual for profit at the expense of the hopes of a youth who has wasted their time and the money that mom and dad (or students working afternoons/nights) earned to pay for it.

Depression In Youth Or Anesthetized Generation?

There is no sadness. People are not depressed in a strict sense of the word. People are under anesthesia, which is different. A generation has been born anesthetized, not anything else. There is latent anxiety about the fear of a future that, already today, has normalized working for free, sharing a flat, not being able to leave the parents ‘ apartment, not being able to plan to start a family or keep on drinking until the age of 40.

The journey to that future manifests itself inhospitable. There will always be contaminants fans of voluntarism and other suckers who will say, “if you want, you can.” But if there are no conditions for power, you’re not going to be able to fucking shit.

Fear of the future. A future too close.

By winking at that great movie that went on Mondays in the sun, we could say we’re having the best of our life in the sun. But alluding to another great series now, the worst thing is that winter is coming.


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