The Youngest Grandmother In The World: Meeting Her Grandson At The Age Of 23!


Have you ever wondered who the youngest grandmother is in the world? Maybe not, but seeing the news, I’m sure you’re curious.

The youngest grandmother on the record is called Rifca Stanescu, a gypsy Romanian who, in the year 2009, officially became the grandmother of a younger age after his daughter Mary gives birth to the young age of… 11 years.

The younger grandmother, will she also become the precocious great-grandmother?

The amazing thing about this family doesn’t end here. Because in addition to having been mothers at the age of 12 and 11, respectively, Rifca and her daughter Maria have stated that the newborn would already be engaged to an 8-year-old girl.

The extraordinary news was published at the time by newspapers such as The Sun and Daily Mail. The history of this peculiar family has been a source of comment and controversy since the youth of mother and daughter has aroused great controversy. Grandma Rifca was born in 1985 and, at the age of Eleven, went to live with her 13-year-old boyfriend, Ionel, who, despite being only a pre-teen, was already selling jewelry in the street markets.

In a short time of cohabitation, Rifca became pregnant. The couple, according to grandma, would have fled to live outside because her parents wanted Rifca to marry another young man. In fact, Rifca would have been engaged since the age of two, in a common pact between Romanian gypsy families.

Half-Joy At The Good News

His statements to the English daily The Sun have revealed that grandma has mixed feelings. Rifca acknowledges feeling joy and emotion over her daughter’s recent motherhood, although “I also feel a little sad because I wished that my daughter had a different childhood and adolescence than I had.” Rifca’s wish was for her daughter to continue studying, but it looks like this is going to be complicated.

Gypsy Culture, Its Uses, And Customs

Virginity is one of the imperatives to be fulfilled by any gypsy woman before marriage. Marriage agreements between families are broken if there is evidence that a bride has not maintained her chastity. This is one of the factors that explains the surprising precocity of many Gypsy couples.

More Cases Of Shocking Precocity

Although implausible, the case of Rifca and Maria is not unique, especially compared to other mothers who gave birth at an even younger age. A Peruvian girl named Lina Medina was the youngest mother to be registered at the age of five years and seven months. Is that medically possible? It’s a rarity, but the news is completely true.

Doing a science-fiction exercise, it should be said that if the descendants of Lina Medina had followed in their footsteps and emulated their precociousness to have children (which, fortunately, did not happen), Lina, who is now 80 years old, would live with about fourteen generations of their descendants.

What’s Your Opinion On These Cases?

We want to ask you: what do you think about these precocious cases? You can comment on your thoughts and reflections on the case of Rifca Stanescu and Lina Medina in the comments section.


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