The cerebellum is an area attached to the brain that is essential for the proper functioning of our nervous system. Located in the encephalon, its primary function is to integrate the sensory and motor pathways. The cerebellum connects the information that the senses receive to send and control the orders that the cerebral cortex sends to the locomotor system.

A Woman Has Lived 24 Years Without A Cerebellum … And Is Waiting For A Baby

In fact, this is what was believed until now. The scientific publication Brainha reported in recent days the curious case of a 24 years Chinese woman who, after undergoing several medical tests to find out the cause of vomiting, dizziness has been discovered that she has no cerebellum. Needless to say, this has caused stupefaction both in the patient and in the scientific community.

Also, the girl without a cerebellum is pregnant. Apparently, the pregnancy did not have any type of complication, and no history of the neurological disorder has been detected among their relatives.

However, it has been noted that the mother of the girl confirmed that the motor and communicative development of the patient was late. According to her words, She did not manage to walk without help until She was six, and her ability to communicate was delayed until seven. The Delays, which, as is easy to deduce, occurred as a consequence of not having a cerebellum.

One Of The Nine Documented Cases Of People Without A Cerebellum

The young woman is one of the nine adults who, in a documented way, have managed to survive childhood despite not having a cerebellum. Of these nine cases, six are women, and three are men.

The strange case of this Chinese woman demonstrates that the wonderful ability of our brain can be adapted to survival in the most inhospitable conditions. In this case, even lacking a part, the cerebellum, which is considered essential for the execution of basic functions. It shows this, too, that the brain system can replace functions and compensate for missing parts.


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