The Master’s program in Clinical and Health Psychology differs from other programs in this area as it follows the guidelines of the scientific-professional model that has characterized postgraduate training in clinical psychology while developing competencies in applied clinical research that allows designing and evaluating interventions.

The program is designed on the basis of the following principles;

  • Emphasis on psychological interventions based on empirical evidence of its effectiveness;
  • Emphasis on skills development;
  • Integration of research and professional practice in clinical psychology;
  • Training in the continuous updating of knowledge;
  • Development of a curriculum consistent with international training standards;
  • Curricular flexibility;
  • Contextualization within the characteristics and needs of our environment;

and training within a solid professional ethical structure.

Who Is The Program Aimed At?

The Master’s program in Clinical and Health Psychology is aimed at professionals who graduated in psychology and interested in developing intervention and applied research skills.

Students of Psychology, as long as they meet the admission requirements and with the regulations established by the University for this degree option, may also enter the degree option with Master’s degrees. Students that admitted to this method will only be formally recognized as Master’s students once they obtain their undergraduate degree.


At the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • To address mental health problems with highly competent clinical evaluation, formulation, conceptualization, planning, and intervention.
  • To perform in the clinical and health area, demonstrating skills to respond to the needs of the environment.
  • To assume a scientific-professional position in your clinical and health practice.
  • To formulate and execute applied research projects in clinical and health psychology.
  • To participate proactively in interdisciplinary mental health teams.
  • To assume and abide by ethical principles and personal, professional, and social responsibility.

What Can You Do With A Master’s Degree

The Master’s graduate in Clinical and Health Psychology will have the competencies to perform as follows:

  1. Professional/ researcher working independently or in collaboration with other professionals in the advice of individuals, couples or group clinical cases; in clinical evaluation and intervention tasks or attached to institutions providing psychological or health services, public or private, clinics or hospitals, in the advice of individual clinical cases, couples and groups, and implementation of intervention programs, as well as in tasks of evaluation and clinical intervention.

  2. Consultant or advisor in public or private institutions or organizations in the development of prevention or intervention programs that cover more significant segments of the population in the field of clinical and health psychology.

  3. Clinical supervisor of other professionals in the field of mental health, either in formal institutions of higher education or in independent practice, or university hospitals or other vocational training centers. Likewise, as supervisor of mediators (parents, teachers, nurses, etc.) or professionals from different disciplines who are developing research, evaluation, or intervention activities in the clinical field.


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