Dacryphilia, also called dacrylagnia, is a sexual paraphilia that consists of arousal when seeing someone else’s tears. There are many paraphilias that can affect the human being and, many of them, are quite strange, this is one of them and you can come to consider a form of sadomasochism by wanting to cause tears in the person you are having relationships with.

This type of sexual paraphilia is based not only on sexual arousal as a result of the couple’s tears, but the person gets excited by seeing their sexual partner humiliated or in pain, something quite peculiar. This type of sexual practice is usually related to men, but there are also cases where it is the woman who feels this type of sexual arousal.

How Do These People Get To Pleasure?

Getting pleasure from people suffering from dacryphilia or dacrylagnia is most curious. They need to see their sexual partner cry to get to orgasm and feel pleasure. In the event that the other person is not able to cry or cause tears to flow, it will be the couple who will be responsible for provoking them, because otherwise, they will never be able to feel a full sexual pleasure with the other person.

This is related to sadomasochism, as it excites seeing the other person humiliated or feeling pain. This also happens with other paraphilias, but to feel sexual pleasure completely it is necessary to see the tears and feel them so that you can reach orgasm.

Passive Dacryphilia

There are different forms of dacryphilia. One of them is the one already explained in which the couple enjoys and gets sexual pleasure by watching the crying of their partner while practicing sex. But this is not the only way such sexual paraphilia can be performed. There is the so-called passive dacryphilia. This term consists of the existence of a third person who observes the sexual act and enjoys seeing the weeping of the submissive without having the need to be himself who is making the person cry.

It is all intimately related to the subject of submission, since in both normal and passive dacryphilia there must be a person who causes pain or frustration so that the submissive is able to cry and thus produce sexual arousal to their dominant, the person who feels desires for his partner to see his crying. It is clear that in order to carry out this practice both parties have to agree with what they are doing, because to cry it may be necessary to cause some kind of pain.

It Is Not The Only Paraphilia That Exists

Paraphilias are very fashionable today and there are of all types. Dacryphilia is one of the strangest, but the truth is that many are practiced today but many people don’t recognize it. There is, for example, acrophilia, in which only high people get excited. Amokoscisia may be related to dacryphilia, as it consists of arousal by punishing the sexual partner. The subject of paraphilias is often closely related to sadomasochism, dominance and submissive because these people feel sexual desire for some aspect related to causing pain and the consequences of that pain.

sadomasochism-dominance and submissive

Ipsofilia consists of arousal with oneself and this would be one of the few in which the other person is not involved or the pain that can be caused to it. Another of the most curious paraphilias is mysophilia, which consists of the arousal produced by dirty clothes but re-establishes distances with paraphilias in which what causes sexual pleasure is the pain, humiliation or suffering of the other person.

Known For ‘The Love Is Made’

Sexual paraphilias are quite unknown to people in general and some of them may even become a taboo subject because people are embarrassed to recognize that they are aroused by certain types of sexual practices. However, with the film ‘Kiki, Love is Made’ directed by Paco León, numerous sexual paraphilias have been unveiled and have even become fashionable.

The dacryphilia is one of the most popular in the film, especially because of the magnificent performance of Candela Peña, who in this case was the one with the paraphilia. In the film, you could clearly see how she was sexually attracted to her husband when she wept for any event.She never caused pain but she did it from the emotional point of view and at the time when the tears came out she could not stop the sexual impulse that she felt when she saw him. Without a doubt it is a sexual paraphilia of the most particular and that you have or do not have, cannot develop suddenly.


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