The life of a couple sometimes reserves unexpected surprises that are not expected and can’t be anticipated. When you live with one man you fear that he is going to cheat on you, but the reality is that no one is safe. When infidelity occurs in the couple, there is necessarily a total questioning of the relationship. In addition to anger or disappointment, as well as the desire for revenge, there are a lot of questions that arise. And the one who comes back tirelessly is: Why does a man cheat on his wife?

Whether you have been deceived or not, it is legitimate to wonder why a man comes to deceive his companion. You should not just assume that he’s a heartless bastard who never loved you. This is not an answer that an experienced coach can give you, we must go even further to understand his state of mind and especially to know if it’s worth it to put the pieces back or if it is better to rebuild far from him.

Before you take it out of your life or forgive him, it will be important to understand his gesture, so as not to relive that painful moment. In this article, I want to explain why a man comes to cheat on his wife or his girlfriend.

Why A Man Cheats On His Wife: The 7 Most Common Reasons!

1 – A Man Cheats On His Wife To Test Himself

There are men who feel the need to always please at any age. Whether it’s a lack of self-confidence, a desire to nurture his ego or because it’s in his nature, he needs to catch the eye of women and feel the attention on himself.

If his need stopped there it would be acceptable but sometimes he goes further. Indeed, to be sure of  pleasing, to enlarge his hunting table and therefore have more pride, he allows himself to go elsewhere. Being in a relationship with a caring wife is not enough for him, so deceiving his partner is not a problem for him because he is constantly trying to test himself.

2 – Why Deceive His Wife? Because Of A Sexual Urge

When one wonders why a man deceives his wife, one must distinguish extra-marital relations with the double life that goes with it, that is to say with a real commitment with his mistress, and what one can call the one-night stands. Attention, the two are just as unacceptable as the other one but there is still a difference.

I recently coached a young man living 850 km from his darling and who had cracked a girl at a party. He had slept with her without feeling. He explained that at the moment his desire for sex was stronger than the attachment for his girlfriend he had not seen for 2 months and a half, he regrets today his gesture because he had the honesty to confess to him. And later, His girlfriend preferred to break up by confessing to him that she too had a gap of 2 months after they became a couple !

3 – He Cheats On His Wife To Test New Experiences

There are some women who are reluctant to try sexually things like swingers, sodomy, or practices that are considered special. Everyone has their limits when making love and it must be respected. However, this situation can cause great frustration for the companion and he still wants to fulfill his fantasy. He was therefore trying to fulfill his sexual expectations elsewhere so as not to insist with the one he loves.

A husband who cheats on his wife not for lack of love but for sexual desires is not a trivial situation. Many women, for example, do not tolerate their man watching porn and consider it virtual unfaithfulness whereas for them it is only a fantasy.

4 – A Man Who Deceives His Wife By Revenge, Yes It Exists!

In some cases, a man’s infidelity is actually a response to that of his companion. Although it is absolutely not something mature and intelligent it is the method that is often used for revenge. Men who act in this way want their partner to suffer as well.

While some prefer to distance themselves or forgive, others need to “rebalance the balance of power”. No need to wonder why the man is unfaithful in some cases, it is a negative reaction to the equally negative behavior of his wife.

5 – Why Do They Cheat? Because There Is No More Love!

No More Love

Why do men cheat ? This is an excellent question, although I find it a little simplistic. Let me explain why.

Many women are wondering how to love and cheat. But if love is not present at the base? This question does not always have to be. Indeed, when you rub shoulders with a manipulator, a man who multiplies conquests and has never been faithful you should not expect him to suddenly change as if by magic.

As you will perceive the love and deceive is not necessarily incompatible. But in this situation, you should not ask yourself any questions if you know from the beginning that he is going to see elsewhere and that he is not cold-blooded because he will not change overnight.

6 – Sexual Routine Also Explains Why A Man Cheats On His Wife

To love and cheat his wife is a situation that is often found when there is a sexual routine. Foreplay always identical and classic positions with a little relationship, it is the pattern of the vast majority of couples.

So he is not looking for a new partner, he does not want to fall in love with another, he just wants to satisfy or revive his sex desire more frequently and with novelty. It is the passion, the intensity that is often sought when it comes to that.

7 – The Worst Reason For A Man To Cheat On His Wife

When there is a disagreement in the couple and a man seeks a solution, he sometimes has the bad reflex to send a strong message to his companion, to show that it is not acquired: by going to other places and letting her know. The goal is not to be discreet but to create electroshock!

It’s hard to say how many men are deceiving their wives for this reason but what is certain is that this is the last thing to do when you want to remedy tensions or crises in the couple.

Does Cheating On His Wife Always Mean The End Of The Relationship?

End Of The Relationship

For some of you, the question does not even arise!

A man who cheats on his girlfriend does not deserve you, so you immediately make the decision to leave him. Nevertheless, I also know that some women reading these lines actually want to save their relationship and want to overcome infidelity.

There is something essential to respect, it’s about timing. Indeed, it is essential to take your time to make your choice because the rush in such a moment can have consequences. Whether forgiving or turning the page, we will have to avoid regrets at all costs! As I explained in the first part, there are sometimes feelings of love that persist in him and if you want to start again you can use them to revive your story.

Indeed, when it comes to a manipulator, a man who will continue to make his companions suffer all the time, I am the first to tell you to run away from him. However, this is not always the case.

In fact, you have the power to make a decision. If you want to get back in touch with him and forget his gesture, however, it will be necessary to understand why he acts in this way to make the necessary changes and not just wonder why a man cheats on his wife.

To know why men deceive their wives is a weapon to avoid infidelity!

One might think that it is stirring the knife in the wound to ask why men deceive their wives. However, doing this work of understanding will help you whether you have been deceived or not. Indeed, you will not only know how to avoid deception related to lack of sex but also know how to differentiate sincere men.

It is, therefore, necessary to ask the right questions how for example do I really like him, is the attraction always reciprocal or what are the signs that I like him?

The more you understand men and male psychology, the less likely you are to experience disillusionment. No need to ask why my husband cheats me because you will be able to anticipate his gesture. All of these tips will also help you distinguish between true and false.

Indeed, many women become paranoid and see signs of infidelity everywhere while their man is faithful and has nothing to reproach himself with!

Accusing a man and thus putting your relationship in danger is something that I dont suggest, and besides, you’re not the only ones, men also have this bad habit.

it is also possible to be faced with a deceived and injured man! Afterward, the real question in this kind of situation is when do you switch to infidelity ?

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